Thursday, 26 February 2015

Azure kingfisher

Of all the kingfishers that are found in my area that is the Sunshine coast of QLD the Azure kingfisher is the most striking and is the most secretive. The Sacred kingfisher seams to be an easier kingfisher to approach. This Australian bird when it is spotted is normally sitting on a branch near the water, if you happen to see an Azure kingfisher you will notice that it will be attentively gazing into the waters of the creek in search of small fish or other Crustacea. When this Australian bird spots you. However, it will quickly dart off normally a fairly short distance under 20 meters calling as it goes to its mate to alert it of the danger within the area.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Australian pelican

The Australian pelican travels large distances inland when the centre of the nation is bursting forth with rains that have travelled down from the monsoonal North the great event is a gorging extravaganza and heralds a brief breeding season for the pelican and many species of Australian water birds. But this is a once in a generation event but normally these large Australian birds will breed on islands off shore and can do so any time of the year but this is often determined by rainfall. During the breeding season the pelican will lay in between two to four eggs and may raise a single offspring to maturity.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Australian darter

Watching this Australian bird one notices that it does enjoy the water and equally can be found on a river bank or perched in a tree, facing the sun with its wings stretched out drying itself off. The reason the Australian darter does this is that this is one of the species of Australian bird that does not have waterproofing within its wings and therefore it could be prone to becoming water logged.

The Australian Darter makes a platform nest of branches that it can utilise for several years and these nests are placed in trees above water. Inside these nests can be found up to six offspring at the time of hatching and some of these may make it through to adulthood.